Fiesta on the Lake

Fishing and Family-friendly Cabins on the Shore of North Trout Lake

Fiesta on the Lake, once home to Campo Fiesta, a summer camp for girls, now offers 4 rental cabins on the shore of North Trout Lake.

Which ones of these below have you checked off your list?

  ✔ Fish the best Musky lake in the area.

  ✔ View the stunning fall colors.

  ✔ Swim, canoe, sail, and ski on the largest lake in the area.

  ✔ Relive your memories of summers at Campo Fiesta.

  ✔ Experience small-town America, and its local activities.

  ✔ Bike the 60 miles of extensive bike trails throughout the area.

  ✔ Hike through the pristine Northern Highlands State Park.

  ✔ Attend the annual Musky Day Jamboree.

  ✔ Enjoy the warmth of campfires on cool summer evenings.

  ✔ Start a family-tradition that your kids will remember forever.